Neptune Development
Windows Gadgets
Digital Clock 1.5 Download

This gadget was designed to be a simple, easy to use digital clock for the Windows Sidebar. It will display the time in 12-hour or 24-hour format, as well as the time zone or current date. For those with a calendar, the clock can also display just the time. It also includes a simple flyout calendar and 20 backgrounds to choose from.

Battery Meter 0.5 Download

This gadget displays the amount of power remaining in your computer's battery. It also features an animated battery that will visibly charge and deplete, providing a quick visual representation of remaining power. In addition, the gadget will show the battery's power state (Critical, Low, Medium, High, or Plugged In) as well as the battery's charging state. The user can choose the background/color scheme for each battery state and set custom levels for Critical and Low states. The battery icon will flash when low or charging.